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Bruised - Rotten Codex (Vinyle Neuf)
Buddha Bulldozer - On the Docks (Vinyle Neuf)
Bull Brigade - Strade Smarrite (Vinyle Neuf)
Bull Brigade - Vita Liberta (Vinyle Neuf)
Buried Dreams - 9 Reasons Not To Live (Vinyle Neuf)
Burning Bright - Domesday (Vinyle Neuf)
Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say (Vinyle Neuf)
Business - Keep the Faith (Vinyle Neuf)
Buzzcocks - The 1991 Demo Album (Vinyle Neuf)
Cancer Bats - Spark That Moves (Vinyle Neuf)
Cancerous Growth - Hmmlmmlum (Vinyle Neuf)
Cancerous Growth - Late For the Grave (Vinyle Neuf)
Candy - Super-stare (Vinyle Neuf)
Carambolage - Carambolage (Vinyle Neuf)
Career Suicide - Machine Response (Vinyle Neuf)
Carousel Kings - Plus Ultra (Vinyle Neuf)
Cartouche - A Venir (Vinyle Neuf)
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Catburglars - Catburglars (Vinyle Neuf)
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Catharsis - Live In The Land Of The Dead (Vinyle Neuf)
Cement Shoes - Too (Vinyle Neuf)
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Cerebros Exprimidos - Mas Suicidios (Vinyle Neuf)
Chaos UK - Short Sharp Shock (Vinyle Neuf)
Chew - Feeding Frenzy (Vinyle Neuf)
Choke - Left With Nothing (Vinyle Neuf)
Choking Victim - No Gods No Managers (Vinyle Neuf)
Chronic Submission - Sick Of Reality (Vinyle Neuf)
Circle Jerks - Group Sex (Vinyle Neuf)
Citizens Arrest - Colossus (Vinyle Neuf)
Civilized - Chopping Block (Vinyle Neuf)
Cj Ramone - American Beauty (Vinyle Neuf)
Clash - London Calling (Vinyle Neuf)
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Coitus Int - Coitus Int (Vinyle Neuf)
Cold Feet - Punk Entity (Vinyle Neuf)
Cold Meat - Hot And Flustered (Vinyle Neuf)
Cold Sweat - Blinded (Vinyle Neuf)
Coliseum - Anxietys Kiss (Vinyle Neuf)
Conflict - Increase the Pressure (Vinyle Neuf)
Connoisseur - Stoner Justice (Vinyle Neuf)
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Constant Fear - Dronekill (Vinyle Neuf)
Cowboys - Room Of Clons (Vinyle Neuf)
Cramps - A Date With Elvis (Vinyle Neuf)

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